An east/west split today

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High pressure is in charge currently but we do have warm moist air over us which is bringing a lot of cloud with it.

There's a bit of an east/west split today with the west being bright and sunny, with further inland seeing more in the way of cloud.

It's been a warm day for all though with temperatures reaching a high of 25C in Aberystwyth - well above the average for the time of year!

So, tonight there will be some clear skies especially in the south leading to dense fog.

In northern areas such as Rhyl we may see more in the way of clear conditions.

It should be a mild night, with temperatures remaining in double figures.

Tuesday will start grey and misty and thick fog may lead to challenging driving conditions for the morning rush hour so take care and don't forget to use your lights.

It should be a brighter start for Ceredigion, Gwynedd and Wrexham and by the afternoon there should be some brightness for everyone.

It will feel warmer again too as the sunshine gets to work and we hold on to the light winds.

We’ll start to see a change in the weather through Wednesday though. After a cloudy start it should brighten up for a time.

But by the afternoon we will start to see a breakdown in the conditions as high pressure moves away and the showers return from the west.

By the end of the day there will be variable amounts of cloud, some sunny spells and showery outbreaks of rain possible but it will remain mild.

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