Yesterday we visited Beaumaris on Anglesey and the Menai Strait Sailing Regatta. We didn't take part in any of the races but we were invited onboard a 32 foot yacht called 'Smokehaze' and given a demo by the skipper and his team.

The weather was perfect for us. Bright skies, sunshine with a fresh south-westerly breeze and the air was so clear we could see for miles with wonderful views along the coast and the Snowdonia mountains.

Claire was allowed to take control and have a go at steering and we just missed a sandbank! The sails were hoisted higher and the crew tilted the yacht over to an angle of 45 degrees. You could almost touch the water!

Sailing is hard work and requires good team work. You have to concentrate hard, keep your eyes open and think on your feet. Claire said she prefers a speedboat because you just point it straight and off it goes. I probably agree with her on that one but we really enjoyed ourselves.

It was a great experience and a big thank you to everyone at the Royal Anglesey Yacht Club for all their help and fo making our visit to Beaumaris a memorable one.

Today we're on the move again further along the coast to west shore in Llandudno. We're going to try our hand at power kiting. All we need is enough wind but the forecast isn't very promising. I'll let you know how we get on.

Bye for now, Derek


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