Farewell to Springwatch

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Well, I had an amazing few weeks following Simon King and the Springwatch O.B crew around various destinations in Wales.

It will take a while to try and digest everything I've seen and done during that time.

It was great to visit so many amazing places that I'd previously only seen on TV and to see so much wildlife right here on our doorstep.

Highlights for me were meeting 'Gelert' the young male goshawk, waking up at dawn and seeing Lake Vyrnwy for the first time with a rainbow stretched right across the lake.

The red kites at Gigrin were unexpected too. I'd seen the feeding many times before on film but I'd urge everyone to go and experience it (in the flesh - excuse the pun) at least once - as nothing can prepare you for the spectacle you'll witness in the skies above.

Racing over to Bardsey Island on one of it's 'dry days' and standing in a dark field at night for 5 hours, listening to manx shearwater landing all around me but not actually being able to see them.

Being dive bombed at once by thousands of artic terns is also something I won't forget in a hurry either, as well as being lucky enough to step foot on the skerries.

The crew and cameramen were excellent and I learnt alot from them just being in their company and seeing how they work on location.

It seems as if everyone working on Springwatch has an extensive knowledge of wildlife - I guess if you spend 8 years working on a programme surrounded by experts, some of it rubs off.

Anglesey was also very special and I'd recommend it to anyone. Stunning scenery, crystal clear waters and quiet coves with very few people. Not yet anyway...

I hope you enjoyed my blogs, photos and various videos I posted up from the field but this is not the end.

Wales Nature blogs shall continue with regular wildlife updates. And we've also got BBC Wales' weatherman - Derek Brockway on board, who will be blogging about walking and the weather for us very soon, so watch this space.


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