It's Shrove Tuesday/ Pancake Day and tonight the usual batter mixes will be adorning kitchen ceilings throughout Wales.

But for a change why not try the traditional Welsh version - crempog or 'ffroes' instead?

The earliest recipes for them date from the 1800s but they undoubtedly go further back in time than that.

There's even a suggestion that the English crumpet may have developed from the Welsh word, crempog.

Philip Harben recalls stories about pancakes and shows viewers how to make them.

The crempog is a small chunky pancake - similar to a pikelet in shape and is fairly versatile as to what ingredients you can add to it.

The main difference is that warm buttermilk is used instead of milk.


There's even a recipe incorporating oatmeal into the flour known as Crempog Geirch.

Crempog are traditionally cooked over a griddle/ bake stone but a heavy frying pan will also work.

Here's a recipe from Visit Wales for you to try tonight.

While you’re waiting for your batter to rest (30-60 mins), enjoy this old Welsh poem which mentions crempog/ grempog:

Modryb Elin Enog

Os gwelwch yn dda gai grempog?

Ma mam yn rhy dlawd i brynu blawd

A Sian yn rhy ddiog i nôl y triog

A nhad yn rhy wael i weithio

Os gwelwch yn dda gai grempog?


Auntie Elin Enog

May I please have a pancake?

Mam is too poor to buy flour

And Sian is too lazy to get the treacle

And dad is too poorly to work

May I please have a pancake?



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