Good news! We're in for a nice sunny spell this weekend.

A cold Arctic front is pushing in, bringing dry and settled weather this weekend so expect plenty of sunshine and overnight frosts.

It should be great walking weather so get out there and enjoy the autumn colours.

Berries at Llyn Alwen by Susie Corwen on our Flickr group:

You often hear people talking about the number of berries on trees indicating that a long, cold winter is on its way but I disagree. Here's my take on it:

We've had a mild spring this year followed by a warm and wet summer, hence all those spiders and butterflies everywhere!

But this also means that it's been good growing weather for trees and shrubs which as a result have produced plenty of berries and fruit, so it has nothing to do with us having a long, cold winter ahead!

I thought that might cheer you up ;0

Have a great weekend


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