Adam Walton playlist and show info: Sunday 14 March 2010

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Elsewhere I talk to Ewloe's Tim McIvor from the challengingly-named Tim and Sam's Tim and the Sam Band with Tim and Sam about their beautifully textured debut album Life Stream.

Huw Pooh drags us back to the snot and faded bondage pants of Welsh Oi! as he reminds us of Picture Frame Seduction.

Lara Catrin translates Big Leaves' Seithenyn for those of us who are dysgu Cymraeg - or just have a curiosity about Welsh song lyrics.

Ben revisits an frequently overlooked, but inspirational, facet of Donovan's back catalogue.

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Next week: Dirty Goods in session and Liz from The School on their brilliant debut album 'Loveless Unbeliever' (Elefant Records).

IMPORTANT - if you have posted me a package to our Wrexham address in the last four weeks, could you get back to me and let me know, please? I'm trying to audit any post that hasn't arrived. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Have an excellent and music-filled week,


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