Paul Emmanuel has scooped the 2011 Welsh Artist of the Year award for his unusual and striking fleece paintings.

Welsh Artist of the Year Paul Emmanuel collecting his prize

The artist, who lives and works on a farm in Penycau in the Swansea valleys, paints on sheep fleece rather than conventional canvas. He grooms and backcombs the wool with oil paint using hairdressing accessories such as combs and hairbrushes instead of art brushes to apply the paint.

Emmanuel's vibrant green fleece painting Penrhiwllythau, named after the farm which gave him the fleece, beat 400 other pieces of work to win the title and the £2,000 prize.

Paul Emmanuel with examples of his work

Read more on the story and browse a gallery of photos of the 2011 prize winners on the BBC Wales News website.

Plus see the St David's Hall website for information on the Welsh Artist of the Year Exhibition 2011. It runs until Saturday 6 August and showcases the work of all the prize winners plus more than 80 other pieces that made this year's shortlist.

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