The four stages of creation

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Angelika Monks was walking through the sand dunes at Aberffraw, on Anglesey recently and took this picture, capturing the four stages of becoming a six-spot burnet moth.

All this on one clump of marram grass:

  • On the right hand side - two adult moths are busy mating.
  • Top - a caterpillar starting to spin its pupae.
  • Top right - Waiting to emerge from the pupae.
  • Bottom left - a new moth beginning to emerge from a cocoon.

Okay, so technically we probably should have featured the egg stage but it's not a bad effort.

Great stuff Angelika, and we're looking forward to seeing your orchid shots from Newborough.

And for all you fans of six-spot burnet moths. Keith Moseley photographed this adult in all it's splendour, sitting on knapweed at Pentwyn Farm.


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