Too early for cuckoos?

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Luckily this is a nature blog so I don't have to mention the weekend's dismal rugby game...

Anyway, moving on...I had a lovely email from Judy Parker from across the border who'd googled 'cuckoo' and found our article.

She think she's just heard her first cuckoo of 2010 whilst walking her dog on a warm sunny day in Warwickshire on 5 Feb.

The following day was colder and there was no sign of the bird so perhaps the weather made a difference. Maybe this lone individual arrived early by mistake and was confused by the spring like weather?

I blogged about the decline of cuckoos last year and asked for your responses and sightings.

Reading back through the comments, it seems that most were heard from around April onwards.

So has anyone heard a cuckoo in Wales yet and if so - when and where?


An article about cuckoos on BBC Wales Nature

Listen to a cuckoo call on the RSPB website


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