The Real Indian Doctors

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All this week, a daytime drama The Indian Doctor has been shown on BBC One.

The period comedy drama is set in 1963 in a sleepy Welsh mining village that is forever changed by the arrival of the new local GP, a high-flying Delhi graduate.

Sanjeev Bhaskar, stars as The Indian Doctor. In the BBC's TV blog he discusses his role in the series, developing the script, racism in the 1960s and what it's like to film in the era.

Read Sanjeev Bhaskar's blog.

Tonight, Wednesday 17 November, 10.45pm, BBC One Wales, a documentary telling the story of the immigrant doctors who arrived in Wales in the 1950s and 60s from the Indian subcontinent.

The Real Indian Doctors explores the experiences of the doctors that worked at the front line of the Welsh health service throughout one of the most turbulent periods in its history. These doctors not only changed the face of the NHS but also the culture of the communities they came to serve.

The programme reveals how these doctors came to Wales and, through their years of service, helped to change attitudes towards racism and immigration across Wales.

By the time of the cutbacks in the 1970s, Asian doctors were an established part of the health service, particularly in the more deprived areas of the country. However, they were not always welcome.

The Real Indian Doctors is on tonight, Wednesday 17 November, 10.45pm on BBC Wales.

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