8 December, Manchester: on the bus

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Here's part one of Jayce Lewis's tour diary as he joins Gary Numan in the UK, Russia and Ukraine.

Well, here we are on to on tour with Mr Numan and co! The tour bus picked us up at 9am yesterday and, as always, it was a right nightmare to get a double decker to fit down my street, but it keeps the neighbours entertained; they all want to have a peep inside to see what its like.

We're using a different tour bus from the first tour I did with Gary in September, but it's equally as great, so this is now my home for a bit. I've just cordoned off my area for chill out, as the band like to get partying straight after the show and I just sit and chill, pretty much. Not rock and roll I know!

I just saw Gary and his lovely wife Gemma. They are such a great couple and are so well suited. It's good to see so many of the same faces that I saw the first time out with Numan. He's got such loyal fans and so welcoming too. It already feels like I've made a few fans and friends here.

On stage in Manchester

The sound check yesterday at Leamington Spa was a disaster: everything that went wrong did go wrong, and in the end we didn't really end up having a sound check but show went well in the end. I felt a bit sorry for the crowd as it was LOUD on stage, so I can't imagine what it was like out there, It was received well, though, and we sold a great amount of merch again.

We are now in Manchester HMV Ritz - the show is sold out and is being filmed so it's going to be a good one. I think we will have more time for check today, and at the moment we're running through all the gear together, just to make sure the kit is all working properly.

Right, off to do some press and then hit the stage!

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