Signs of spring

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Everywhere we look now, we're seeing signs that winter is giving up it's grip (apologies if you've had snow up north recently) and that spring is taking hold.

The plants and wildlife on the ground are feeling it too, as adders come out of hibernation to bask in the sun, tadpoles are wriggling in the ponds and new shoots begin to sprout out of every nook and cranny.

The birds are getting feisty too as they fight for mates and territory and that golden orb in the sky feels just that little bit warmer.

I've finally unwrapped my palm tree from it's winter protection, so I hope we're frost free from here on in and before we know we'll be moving the clocks forward on 27 March... so not long to go.

Here a few of the stunning photos we've had submitted to the Flickr group recently that sum up the season so far:

Blossom by Belinda Evans.

An adder basking in the sun at Parc Slip by Steve Gunter.

Frog spawn by Angela Roberts.

Fox cubs at the back of the house. Image by sandra 45 near Carmarthern.

A female goosander in Snowdonia by Jeanette Cohen.

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