Get ready for Snowdonia 1890

This autumn sees the start of a new landmark series called Snowdonia 1890 on BBC Cymru Wales.

You can watch a trailer about the programme below:

Filmed mainly in Rhosgadfan in Gwynedd, Snowdonia 1890 sees two specially selected families embark on an epic journey, as the men, women and children commit to living as closely as they can to a 19th century way of life.

The two families will swap their current comfortable lives for the austere existence of life as smallholders. Living in cramped cottages with no running water or electricity, the families will need to survive by keeping animals, working the land and selling home produce to supplement the wages of the men, who will be experiencing the harsh life of quarrymen.

The families will be helped along by a number of local north Wales residents, who appear as 1890 versions of themselves.

Llanfairfechan farmer Gareth Jones who can currently be seen in the television trailer, is central to the families' efforts to survive. "It was a huge ask of them," says Gareth, who farms Ty'n Llwyfan farm in Llanfairfechan, near Conwy.

"They came to it not having any experience with livestock whatsoever. And that in itself presented challenges, and then the added twist of doing it as they would have in 1890... I honestly didn't think they were going to last a day."

Snowdonia 1890 has been created by the makers of the popular living history series Coal House and Coal House At War. The series begins on Monday 18 October at 7.30pm on BBC One Wales, and continues every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening for three weeks.

On Sunday 17 October at 8pm on BBC One Wales, viewers get a chance to take a peek behind the scenes in a one hour special programme, Making of Snowdonia. The programme charts how the restoration of the farmhouses, the selection process and has interviews with the two families.

BBC Wales History will also be featuring a number of blogs written by Snowdonia 1890 series producer Ceri Rowlands, who will shed light on the thinking behind the series.

The Snowdonia 1890 website is now launched and contains interviews, features and details of the series.

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