Otter rescued with prawns returned to wild

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RSPCA has released details of an otter successfully released back into the wild a year after being discovered in an emaciated state and rescued with a bag of prawns.

The six-month old female was weak and undernourished when Moira Banks came across her in her home in the Brecon Beacons, Wales.

Read the BBC News story about the otter's rescue.

Paul Oaten, wildlife supervisor at West Hatch, said: "It is not unusual for otters to go into houses when they are in as bad a condition as this little one was.

"She was very lucky to find her way into the house of someone so quick-thinking and it is great that she made enough progress to be released back where she belongs nearly a year to the day after she was found."

Ms Banks said: "It was great to see the otter released - she was so much livelier and feistier after the year of RSPCA care.

"Co-incidentally, the morning before we went to see her release my husband saw another otter, as he walked the dogs - just six feet away from him.

"They are the only two otters either of us have seen in 20 years of living here. We are hoping that the first was a male, who might come across the female, and there may soon be lots of babies."

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