A Welsh music map

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Each artist is only represented once. The different coloured tabs represent different shows.

Some of the artist's locations are an educated guess: I know Ellie Goulding, for example, has roots in Powys, but I don't know exactly where in Powys.

Also, many musicians gravitate eventually to Cardiff, two very notable examples being Gruff Rhys and Cate Le Bon. I've chosen to show where they came from originally because the fact that they have moved doesn't disqualify them from being members of the communities they grew up in.

Remember, this is only a month's worth of programmes.

As could be predicted, Cardiff has a high concentration of the artists I have supported on the show. This is mostly to do with demographics; there are just more people - young people likely to be making music - in Cardiff.

The most notable blind spot is mid Wales. I haven't played anyone from that part of Wales. I'd love to hear from more bands in the Newtown/Welshpool and Llanidloes areas.

They'll still need to be good. I'm not about to surrender the show to tokenism.

Ironically, as I was plodding my way through this rather laborious task, an e-mail arrived that I've reproduced below:

Name: Stu

Location: Swansea

Comments: I'm a regular listener to the Adam Walton show and am disappointed that bands from my area Swansea don't get that much air time. 70% from North Wales and Cardiff.

The map does rather back this up. But I have no bias. I promise you that. Much of the music that I have loved the most since I started this show has come from Swansea/Neath and Resolven: The Pooh Sticks, Helen Love, The Caves, El Goodo, The Keys, Chavboy, The Arteries.

If you're reading this and you feel the show isn't supporting your patch of Wales, get in touch and send me your music, or your mates' music. That is the only way to address this.

I just want to hear thrilling new music. I don't give a lost plectrum for where it comes from.

Don't wait for me to find you. We're in a small country, but there are plenty of excellent musicians and artists who are proactive about getting their music to me.

Send high quality .mp3s with a short biography and contact number to themysterytour@gmail.com.

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