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  1. Mucking out and mucking in: fancy a new life as a farmer?

    Want to find out what it’s really like living and working on a busy hillside farm?

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  2. The story behind Sweet Sixteen: A Transgender Story

    Molly-Anna Woods, the Director and Producer of ‘Sweet Sixteen: A Transgender Story’ recounts how the documentary came about: In spring 2015, I made my way to a private house in the Tawe Valley to meet Sadie, a transvestite who had set up a transgender support group called ‘Tawe Butterflies’.

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  3. Could your experience of disability inspire a Casualty storyline?

    Telling stories about real people in real situations, with integrity and truth, is something that matters to all of us at Casualty. And as the show moves forward into its fourth decade (series 32 is just round the corner) it’s a principle that still inspires our team of writers, producers and ac...

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