No sign of a swift recovery

The bad weather this summer has had a negative affect on the UK swift population, mentioned in a recent article on BBC News.

This follows on from a recent RSPB report which mentions that the population of swifts visiting the UK each summer to breed is nearly a third lower than it was in the mid-1990s.

Swifts are now on the amber list and birds of Conservation Concern as their numbers have declined dramatically in the past 10 years

This year's spate of bad weather has resulted in fewer flying insects for swifts to eat.

I've seen a fair few out and about this summer while working on BBC Wales Weatherman Walking, both at Burry Port and Cardiff Bay Nature Reserve but not in any great numbers.

A lack of nest sites is also causing problems as older buildingsd are being renovated and newer buildings don't provide a suitable space for swifts to nest in.

You can help the RSPB by completing a short survey about swifts in your area.


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