Fieldfare arriving in Wales

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It's been a long time coming but it looks as if fieldfare are finally starting to arrive in Wales as winter kicks in.

The recent spate of cold weather and N winds has probably helped with their migration from Scandanavia.

Large numbers of these birds do however remain in Scandanavia for winter and migration to the UK is generally over by December.

Any birds arriving later will generally only appear if there's been particularly bad weather or a lack of food back in their home countries.

Valley Walker from our Flickr group reports large flocks arriving in the Elan Valleyin Mid Wales so keep your binoculars handy:

Hawthorn hedges are a favourite haunt for these berry loving birds but approach with caution as new arrivals can be a bit jumpy!

We've had a bumper crop of berries in Wales this year so I'm sure we'll be seeing plenty of migratory birds once word gets around...

I'd love to see more photos of fieldfares and redwings in Wales so keep posting your photos to our Flickr group or email them to me at

A lot of people hate winter but I love it - the weather is wild and there are generally less people about! The nature is still there though, you've just got to look a bit harder...


RSPB article about the fieldfare

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