Insect war on Japanese knotweed

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It looks as if the hunter will finally become the hunted as plans are given the go ahead for a trial involving the psyllid insect - Aphalara Itadori from Japan.

In Japan, the insect is a natural predator of Japanese knotweed, as they feed on the sap of the plant, stunting it's growth.

It sounds great in theory as I'm sure many of you will agree. I managed to fill three large bags with roots in my garden last spring...and I still couldn't get rid of the damn knotweed, twirling it's way up my roses! ;)

I think we all agree - it's not only a real blight on the landscape but a real threat to biodiversity in Wales.

However, the question I want to know is this - If the trials are successful and the insects are introduced into the food chain - what happens when all the knotweed has been eaten?

What will they eat next?

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