Other high profile DJs who are playing his tunes are Giles Peterson, Kode9, Mary Ann Hobbs, and Ben UFO.

Hi Doc. What are the basics then? Who are you? How long have you been Doc Deneeka, and does the name represent anything in particular?

Hello - my name is Doc Daneeka, I come from Swansea and I make sorta house.

Your discography is already impressive. Tell me where have your tracks been released.

Drums in the Deep is out now on Fabric. So are my remixes for Delphic, Sekta and Norrit.

Giles Peterson, Kode9, Sinden and others have all played your tunes. How difficult are you finding getting the right attention to your tunes, how are you getting your music through to the right people?

To be honest it has been quite organic, I just posted my stuff about some forums and people seemed to get quite hyped for it. I also gave a CD to Marcus Nasty at a show in London and he got on it. Things really moved on from there...

What other musical influences do you have? And have you ever been in a band?

I do lots of side projects and am involved in as much stuff as possible. I played in a handful of bands, a few were really good, but none really came to much. I think playing in bands influenced me not to be in a band! Ha!

Do you DJ regularly to air some of your tunes?

I play out a fair bit these days around the UK and am starting to take some shows in Europe, which is exciting. You can check my MySpace for details...

What else is going on in and around Swansea? Any other local music we should be checking out?

Check my brother's band, Dead Rails: they rule!

What's this about being 'tropical' a post-dubstep term? Do you like the tag?

I suppose it's the Afro-influenced beat, or the MySpace genre labels! Do I like it? No, but people have got to tag things so they know what's going on. It doesn't really affect me.

What's next for you - any releases planned?

The Doc Daneeka EP finally drops on PTN (Ramp) next month - it's been a long time coming! There should be another couple of EPs following in the next couple of months.

I have also set up a label called Ten Thousand Yen with my long time friend, Yeti, and the first two releases from that will be dropping in the next two months. Apart from that, it's just gigs and remixes (but i can't tell you about those!).

Listen back to Radio One from last Wednesday to catch Doc Deneeka in the mix, and check these links for more music:


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