Wednesday marks the halfway point of the Eisteddfod, and the Prose Medal is awarded in the week's second big prize ceremony.

The medal this year is offered for a volume of creative prose, of no more than 40,000 words on the theme of adfywiad (revival).

Newly appointed Archdruid, T James Jones, will preside in his gold regalia over his second major ceremony in which members of the Gorsedd in their white, blue and green robes will take to the stage once again, this time to honour the winning writer.

Before the ceremony starts today, Welsh ex-pats will be welcomed to the Eisteddfod in the 'Welsh abroad' ceremony. Their leader this year is Edith MacDonald from Patagonia.

Ms MacDonald is a descendant of the early settlers of the Welsh colony in Patagonia who emigrated in 1865. They passed down the Welsh Eisteddfod culture, as well as the language, to their descendants who live mostly in the vicinity of the Chubut valley in Patagonia.

The Prose Medal winner last year was Siân Melangell Dafydd, who won on home turf in Bala and whose winning volume was inspired by her grandfather and his love of language. Watch last year's ceremony.

The adjudicators for this 2010 are Elfyn Pritchard, John Gruffydd Jones and Caryl Lewis. Elfyn Pritchard will deliver the adjudication on their behalf from the stage.

The ceremony starts at 16:30 and can be followed on the live feed page of the BBC's Eisteddfod website.

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