The dry spell continues

I hope you managed to get out and enjoy the sunshine over the weekend. I went for a short walk on Sunday in the Vale of Glamorgan - from Broughton down to the beach, followed by lunch in the Plough and Harrow pub.

The weather was stunning with hardly a breath of wind. The temperature in the shade was only 15 Celsius with a gentle sea breeze but the sun was still strong enough to burn.

In case you were wondering - the last time we had any rain to speak of in Wales was on 5 April.

Apart from the odd shower today and tomorrow, the rest of this week looks dry with high pressure taking control again.

This means more sunshine but with cooler air trickling down from the north, the nights are going to be cold with some ground frost.

There may even be pockets of air frost so if you're a gardener it would be a good idea to cover-up any delicate plants or bring them indoors.

If you want rain, it looks like you'll have to wait until next Sunday (April 25th) at the earliest.

Volcano update:

The volcano in southern Iceland was still erupting ash to a height of approximately 3 km at 10am today.

There are reports of thin deposits of ash reaching the ground. I noticed a sandy-grey dust on my car this morning so gave it a quick wash.

More ash is expected to reach us this week but hopefully there will be an improvement over the weekend with a change in the wind direction.

The wind is predicted to turn into the south and southwest on Saturday which should help to blow the ash away from Britain.

Current eruptions are weakening but, for the time being, weather patterns continue to blow volcanic ash towards the UK.



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