In my time I've picked up some cracking bargains at charity shops in the past - some 80s 7" singles, a shirt or two, that kind of thing. In one charity shop in north Wales however, one donation has been getting music fans in a lather.

A Gibson Les Paul Custom 1957 VOS Black Beauty - valued somewhere around £2,500 - was donated to the Anglesey A Team shop in Holyhead. Shop staff originally put a £10 price tag on the guitar, but soon discovered the true value.

Now the shop is selling raffle tickets for the rare instrument.

Speaking to the North Wales Daily Post, shop manager Rose Martin said, "Everybody seems to be interested in it. A lot of people have been in saying that it's worth quite a lot of money. My friend said 'Why don't you put it in the window for a raffle?'

"So far, we've sold 240 strips of raffle tickets, with five in a strip, costing £1 a strip. One musician came in and offered £800 but we'd already started the raffle. We'll leave it in the window for four weeks."

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