Tiger Please session video and interview

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Ahead of a session with Tiger Please on my Radio Wales show this Saturday, I caught up with guitarist Tyla Campbell to find out a bit more about the band.

You can also watch an exclusive video of Spring And Its Offering, recorded for the show.

Who are you and what do you do?

We are Tiger Please and we play rock music.

Considering we have only been around a few years we have achieved some great things such as playing both Download and Sonisphere festivals last year. Getting our first music video for Autumn Came The Fall in the 'most-requested' charts for Kerrang and Lava TV was also amazing.

The most memorable moment I'd have to say was our one-year anniversary show for the release of They Don't Change Under Moonlight at Clwb Ifor Bach. We some how managed to get Funeral For A Friend to support us as special guests showcasing their new material. It was a sold out show and we had all the crowd singing the words to our songs back to us. Now that was memorable.

What has 2011 in store for you so far? I hear a few tour announcements have been made?

We're currently preparing to head off on a 19 date tour all around the UK with The Crave. They've recently been on tour with Deep Purple and Status Quo which is quite an impressive CV so we can't wait to head out on the road with them and see them live. Then in March we are honoured to head off on another 19 date tour with Funeral For A Friend. A couple of years ago we'd never would have dreamed about touring with them so we really can't wait for it.

Seasons and debut album They Don't Change Under Moonlight have already gained you a few fans, with Kerrang! saying, "Occasionally a record comes along that simply knocks you for six". What has been the best part of getting your music out?

It's been great having magazines such as Kerrang, Rock Sound and Big Cheese supporting both our releases and we are very grateful for the support they've given. The best part of getting our music out has to be hearing the words of our songs being sung back to us at shows. That feeling you get on stage is indescribable.

Another thing has to be people telling us one of our songs or listening to us in general has helped them through a rough period in their lives. This just makes you think 'yup, I definitely want to make a living out of doing this'.

You came into the studios of BBC Wales recently to record a session for my Radio Wales show. How was it, and what did you record?

Yeah we really enjoyed the experience. We had a bit of trouble starting the van so we were worried we weren't gonna make it! We managed to sort it though and got there in time. We recorded Strawberry Moon and Lights And Sound from They Don't Change Under Moonlight and we also did Spring And Its Offering from our last release Seasons. We just finished shooting a new music video for Spring so keep a look out for that on your TV screens soon!

I hear that a new album will be ready to go this year. Tell me all about it.

We are currently in the demoing stage of recording at the moment. We recorded four tracks for it late last year at Escape Route Studios in London, and we've just finished demoing four tracks more with Todd Campbell at Skwad HQ and are really excited to record more!

This album is gonna be a bit special as all the lyrics are inspired by our fans' life stories. We thought it'd be great for our fans to have their own song and so far it's working really well. We've had loads of stories in and we'd like to thank everyone who has given up their time to send us their stories. The stories we have had in range from serious issues such as suicide, addiction and many more issues. It's gonna be one hell of an emotional album.

What new artists are you enjoying and listening to at the moment?

Well last night a few of us went to Clwb Ifor Bach to watch Twin Atlantic who were amazing, as usual. Welsh bands Town and Straight Lines also played so it was a great night and if you haven't checked any of them out we highly recommend you do!

One thing a few of us are listening to at the moment is the soundtrack to the independent film Once. I came across the film the other day when I was flicking through the channels and I originally thought it was just an artist in session but it was actually a film about an Irish busker recording his first demo. Turns out the film won an Oscar for the soundtrack so I think I missed the boat on that one!

Where can people find you online?

You can find us on the following social networking sites:

We also have a website which is almost ready to launch, so in a couple of weeks you'll be able to find it at www.tigerplease.co.uk.

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