The Spanish Plume

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After a very disappointing day on Saturday, summer returned yesterday with temperatures soaring as high as 27 Celsius in Cardiff and 28 Celsius in Denbigh making it the hottest day of the year for most of Wales.

But it's all change again today with cloudier skies, rain and showers spreading up across the country.

Temperatures in Newbridge on Wye reached a very muggy 26 Celsius but it's cooler along the north and west coast. Only 15 Celsius at RAF Valley on Anglesey with a breeze blowing off the sea.

The satellite picture shows frontal clouds over Scotland and Ireland and ahead of this, thundery clouds in the Bay of Biscay are spreading north into southern Britain.

These clouds are part of a Spanish Plume which can sometimes bring us torrential downpours and severe thunderstorms.

This plume of humid and moist air is moving eastwards and tomorrow will be a cooler and fresher day everywhere - with air from the Atlantic over us and lower humidity.

The next few days will bring more comfortable temperatures, cooler nights and (apart from the odd shower), plenty of dry weather with variable cloud and sunny spells.

Talking of Spain - last week I was in Asturias in northern Spain, walking in the Picos de Europa 'the peaks of Europe' - this time not for the TV cameras but for my own pleasure.

The climate there is much more changeable and cooler than the south of Spain (with it being closer to the Atlantic coast and Bay of Biscay) but the extra rainfall keeps everything nice and green. There was even a few patches of snow remaining on the highest mountains!

I stayed in a small family run farm & hotel where all the food was organic and very tasty and it was great spot to base myself for all the amazing walks this location has to offer.

I also tried my hand at canoeing on the River Sella which was great fun and managed to remain upright unlike my companions....

I definitely saw a different side to Spain though and will visit again - even if it's just to sample the local cider!


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