I talked to Guto for this week's Radio Wales Arts Show and he offers a fascinating insight into the world of contemporary music and the relationship between composer and players. He's often called an avant-garde composer but when I used that phrase he pulled a face!

Audiences tend to be a bit scared of contemporary music - especially brand new works but I can tell you that Guto's latest piece, Hologram is well worth hearing. In fact I really enjoyed all the music last Friday as did everyone in the hall I think.

I just wish I'd been able to be in Bangor on 20 March when the Festival staged sessions called New Music for Babies aimed at children aged six months to five years old. It included a performance of Guto's piece, Music For Prams, which "explored the sonic properties of two prams" - sounds fascinating!

The Radio Wales Arts Show on Thursday 31 March features Guto Puw and his music.

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