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The centre, which opened over 30 years ago, plays a big part in the lives of many people on the western side of Cardiff. It's as much a community resource as a cutting edge arts centre and you're as likely to bump into six-year-olds coming from ballet class or mothers with babies as leading arts practitioners.

I think a mark of what makes Chapter special is the fact that it stayed open throughout the extensive refurbishment. The bar and restaurant and theatre spaces were moved to other sections of the building and, obviously, the parts under construction were cordoned off. The audiences and other visitors still came and now the move into the new Chapter has started well too.

On Tuesday 24 November there's an evening of celebration - live music and other performance all evening in the main concourse is all free. That follows some brief formalities; speeches from the main funders - Arts Council of Wales, EU, Welsh Assembly Government are the big ones though public donations played a significant part in the redevelopment too. Also speaking will be two of the original founders of Chapter - Christine Kinsey and Mik Flood and I think it'll be really interesting to know how they feel about the centre three decades on.

After that it's party time and I'm betting it'll be standing room only in the Chapter Bar.

By the way, the Radio Wales Arts Show on Thursday 26 November looks at the redevelopment of Chapter and goes behind the centre's shiny new frontage.

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