Dry and settled

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There were a few showers over the weekend, even a little snow on the mountains, but the emphasis this week is on dry and settled weather thanks to high pressure.

Cloud amounts will vary from day to day with some bright or sunny spells and it will be cold enough at night for some frost. I wouldn't rule out the odd mist or fog patch as well.

Tomorrow, of course, is 1 March and St. David's Day and if you're planning an outdoor event it will be generally dry with some bright skies and sunshine too but not everywhere.

The south east will be cloudier and this cloud will become more widespread during the afternoon. The best of the sunshine tomorrow in the north and north west and around Cardigan Bay with top temperatures of 6 to 9 Celsius with light winds from the east or north east.

If you're voting on Thursday, the good news is that the weather will be dry with highs of 8 to 11 Celsius with a breeze from the north east.

At the moment, it looks like we can look forward to a dry weekend with high pressure over us.


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