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  1. Showers expected for Friday and Saturday

    Thursday 7 November 2013, 16:04

    Derek Brockway Derek Brockway

    More showers are expected on Friday and Saturday and the air will be unstable at times with towering cumulonimbus clouds, so if you're caught in a shower it could very heavy with a risk of thunder and hailstones.

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  2. Our mid and north Wales tour approaches

    Thursday 7 November 2013, 15:23

    Laura Sinnerton Laura Sinnerton

    As the evenings draw in and autumn gradually gives way to winter, preparation for the BBC National Orchestra of Wales' mid and north Wales tour is well underway.

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  3. Making Pembrokeshire: Coastal Lives

    Thursday 7 November 2013, 09:40

    Matthew Tune Matthew Tune

    Matthew Tune is the director, producer and cameraman for the new series Pembrokeshire: Coastal Lives. He writes about his experiences making the programme which is based on the lives of the people living on the path.

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  4. Jack Daniel, the Welsh whiskey man

    Tuesday 5 November 2013, 13:01

    Phil Carradice Phil Carradice

    There is a belief held by many Americans that Jack Daniel, the founder of the company that produces the great Jack Daniel's bourbon, was Welsh. More specifically, people say he was from Dale in Pembrokeshire. Well, the answer to that one is yes – and no.

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  5. Violent weekend storm damage

    Monday 4 November 2013, 16:21

    Derek Brockway Derek Brockway

    Wales may have missed the worst of the St Jude's storm of 27-28 October 2013 but it was a different story this weekend when another area of low pressure brought strong to severe gale force winds.

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  6. X-Ray joins forces with the police to help keep your mobile safe

    Monday 4 November 2013, 15:01

    Lucy Owen Lucy Owen

    I'm going to have to hold my hands up straight away on this story and admit – I'm guilty. Guilty of leaving my phone on the table when I'm out. Guilty of texting as I'm walking along the street.

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  7. A tale of three Sheppards

    Monday 4 November 2013, 13:22

    Cat Whiteaway Cat Whiteaway

    Each year as people start to wear poppies and Remembrance Day gets closer my thoughts and research efforts become focused on helping others overcome their military based family history obstacles, and this year is no different.

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  8. Blowin' in the wind

    Friday 1 November 2013, 15:37

    Behnaz Akhgar Behnaz Akhgar

    Be prepared to be blown around this weekend as there's more heavy rain and strong winds in the forecast.

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