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  1. Associated Minds - Cardiff hip hop label

    Tuesday 15 March 2011, 09:11

    James McLaren James McLaren

    With the new Mudmowth And Metabeats album, Sledgehammer Kisses out now, we caught up with Associated Minds' head honcho Mayor for a chat about the label, his thoughts on journalism and his international focus.

    Please be aware, some of the websites linked to in this interview will have adult lyrics and...

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  2. Enriching the soul of Wales

    Monday 14 March 2011, 17:27

    Kim Howells Kim Howells

    Having heard people describe Ifor Davies as the Grand Old Man of Welsh art, I thought I'd met the wrong Ifor Davies when I was introduced to him at the National Museum of Wales in Cardiff.

    We were due to film him the following morning for the fourth film in our series but, far from looking like he ought...

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  3. Wales on the web

    Monday 14 March 2011, 11:17

    Bethan Elfyn Bethan Elfyn

    A friend sent a tweet this week saying, "Someone should hire me as a researcher, I'm dead good on Google!" It made me laugh because he's right. These days, for our music and our news, we depend so much on the internet to tell us what's going on. When I first started at the BBC, you couldn't do anything...

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  4. David Thaxton wins Olivier Award

    Monday 14 March 2011, 10:57

    Laura Chamberlain Laura Chamberlain

    Welsh actor David Thaxton last night scooped an Olivier Award for his performance as Captain Giorgio in the Donmar Warehouse revival of Stephen Sondheim's musical Passion.

    Thaxton, from Neath, is a former member of Welsh choir Only Men Aloud...

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  5. Sarah Jacobs: the fasting girl

    Monday 14 March 2011, 09:12

    Phil Carradice Phil Carradice

    At the end of the 19th century she was known as the Welsh Fasting Girl and regarded as a miracle: the little 12-year-old who had not eaten for over two years.

    In an age where spirituality clashed with the new teachings of science, she was an undoubted phenomenon, but whether or not her "miracle" was...

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  6. The missing elephant

    Friday 11 March 2011, 10:32

    Martin Aaron Martin Aaron

    BBC News online have featured a nice tale about an elephant which marched through Tregaron, Ceredigion back in 1848 and promptly died there after alledgedly drinking water contaminated with lead - what a welcome to Wales that was!

    But the story has led archaeologists to the beer garden of the local pub...

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  7. Search is on for Tregaron elephant's final resting place

    Thursday 10 March 2011, 14:37

    BBC Wales History BBC Wales History

    There's an intriguing story in today's Western Mail about the search for the remains of a circus elephant said to be buried in the grounds of a Welsh pub.

    In 1848, a travelling circus called Batty's Travelling Menageries passed through the Tregaron in Ceredigion when its star of the the show fell...

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  8. Proximity, remoteness and solitude in Welsh art

    Thursday 10 March 2011, 14:25

    Kim Howells Kim Howells

    Remoteness, I discovered in making this series, is a geographical description that must be used carefully in Wales.

    Compared with, say, France or Italy, nowhere in Wales is remote from anywhere else in Wales. Geographically, we are the same size as the small American state of New Jersey but with less...

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  9. Iolo Morganwg: scholar, antiquarian and forger

    Wednesday 9 March 2011, 12:33

    Phil Carradice Phil Carradice

    Iolo Morganwg remains one of the most intriguing characters of Welsh history. Many people remember him as the eccentric moving force behind the modern day Eisteddfod and, certainly, during the 79 years he was alive he was regarded as the leading expert on ancient and medieval Welsh life.

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  10. From Wales to London and back again

    Wednesday 9 March 2011, 12:33

    Kim Howells Kim Howells

    Standing on the southern flank of Craig y Llyn, trying to picture what Treherbert and the valley stretching away from me must have looked like in the late 1940s, I realised that our third film had to explain, among many other things, the umbilical connections between art produced in those days in London...

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