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  1. Llangollen 2013: day four

    Tuesday 16 July 2013, 16:47

    Day four at the International Eisteddfod, and it's still a scorcher.

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  2. Llangollen 2013: day three

    Friday 12 July 2013, 11:55

    Day three at the Llangollen International Eisteddfod and we're still basking in glorious sunshine here. And yes, my bald spot is still getting burnt, no matter how much sun cream I stick on it!

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  3. Llangollen 2013: day two

    Thursday 11 July 2013, 14:59

    The morning started bright and early with some filming with the choir Colla Voce. Even with an Italian name the choir are actually from Johannesburg in South Africa.

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  4. Wynne Evans at the Llangollen International Eisteddfod: day one

    Wednesday 10 July 2013, 16:08

    For the third year running I'm spending time at the Llangollen International Eisteddfod.

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  5. Amen to the Eisteddfod

    Saturday 6 August 2011, 11:22

    Well, it was my last day at the Eisteddfod yesterday and the busiest to date.

    I made it back in one piece from Maes B, the youngsters' field, although they did seem inclined to sing the words of a certain advert at me when ever I asked a question…

    The day started with a walk around the Maes and who...

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  6. Caravans, colds and clowns at the Eisteddfod

    Thursday 4 August 2011, 16:22

    Well it's official - I have my first Eisteddfod cold, which has been proven is much more devastating for a man than a woman so I require much sympathy and coffee.

    I saw into Jeremy Clarkson's nightmare last night when I went to a field with 750 caravans in it. There was a great atmosphere up there and...

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  7. Wrexham Mess at the Eisteddfod

    Wednesday 3 August 2011, 16:55

    Well it's the morning after the night before. The concert went well and I didn't fluff my Welsh words - phew!

    To give a quick run down of the concert, I danced with the soprano, then I danced with the conductor. I seemed to make a zillion costume changes (including a change into my moustachioed alter...

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  8. Getting the Eisteddfod bug

    Tuesday 2 August 2011, 14:46

    Well my biggest day at the Eisteddfod has come. Apart from presenting my programme for BBC Two, I also have my own evening concert and today is the day.

    It's a real challenge for me as a non Welsh speaker since everything, including all the arias I sing in Italian, German and English, has to be translated...

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  9. First day at the Maes

    Monday 1 August 2011, 15:50

    Well, it's my first day at the National Eisteddfod of Wales, and I must first point out that I am an Eisteddfod virgin. My family are installed at the cottage and before I know I've arrived I'm off to the 'Maes'.

    It's totally buzzing here for the procession of the Druids... or the Gorsedd as they are...

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