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  1. Wildlife survey results

    Thursday 23 September 2010, 01:02

    Participants in Wales in the the RSPB summer wildlife survey - Make Your Nature Count almost doubled in 2010 with over 4,000 people counting the birds and mammals in nearly 3,000 gardens.

    Dana Thomas, from RSPB Cymru, said: "For many species the only way of counting them is to ask people to take part...

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  2. New Welsh mountain

    Wednesday 22 September 2010, 13:15

    Satellite technology has now confirmed that Glyder Fawr, in Snowdonia is actually higher than a thousand metres, giving it new mountain status.

    Watch a clip on BBC Newsonline.

    It is now one of only five 1,000 metre or more high peaks in Wales. Previous measurements calculated it to be only 999 metres...

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  3. Badgers aren't out the woods yet

    Monday 20 September 2010, 16:26

    A new attempt at introducing a badger cull in parts of west Wales has been proposed by the rural affairs minister - Elin Jones.

    An annual cull is being proposed over five year period for north Pembrokeshire and part of Ceredigion.

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  4. In a nutshell

    Monday 20 September 2010, 12:28

    The weather has definitely got an autumnal feel to it at the moment but then again we are in autumn now so we shouldn't be too surprised as the nights start to draw in and the days feel just that little bit fresher.

    As the leaves around us begin to change colour and float down from their perches, keep...

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  5. Rhys to the rescue

    Monday 20 September 2010, 11:15

    Wednesday, 22 September at 7.30pm on BBC One Wales

    Rhys Jones isn't your average chap. His normal day consists of dealing with schoolboys bringing home pet tarantulas and boa constrictors escaping from bedrooms.

    Rhys is a wildlife expert and one of a handful of people in the UK, qualified to deal with...

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  6. Live and Deadly

    Thursday 16 September 2010, 10:00

    No, it's not the latest Bond film, it's a new children's wildlife and adventure series from Steve Backshall - naturalist, writer, adventurer and TV presenter.

    Some of you will already know Steve from BBC programmes such as Lost Land of the Volcano, Lost Land of the Jaguar, Expedition Borneo and Deadly...

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  7. Is golf missing a birdie?

    Wednesday 15 September 2010, 13:17

    With Ryder Cup fever approaching, I thought I'd look for a nature angle on this year's tournament and golf courses in particular.

    Traditionally, golf courses don't have a particularly good reputation for being wildlife friendly - mainly due to the amount of pesticides and water used to keep the greens...

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  8. Severn Bore 4*

    Friday 10 September 2010, 15:55

    The last time bore fever struck was back in March this year when a 5* bore went on the rampage - sending the national press into a frenzy. Sky TV even covered the event with a helicopter and film crew!

    The next two days could be equally spectacular though as low pressure and some of biggest tides of the...

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  9. Purple fingers

    Wednesday 8 September 2010, 11:44

    September is a great time for foraging free food from nature's larder and right now we're well into the blackberry season.

    Be warned though - many berries are poisonous; birds can eat them but they'll make us extremely ill if we eat the wrong ones, so only pick berries you know are safe to eat.

    You can...

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  10. The Size of Wales

    Tuesday 7 September 2010, 11:14

    Prince Charles is visiting the National Botanic Garden of Wales today as he launches a new environmental campaign to sustain an area of African tropical forest - the size of Wales.

    The 'Size of Wales' scheme encourages people to do conservation work and make donations towards their running.


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  11. Dizzy dolphins

    Monday 6 September 2010, 12:06

    Cliff Benson from the Sea Trust has been in touch; concerned that more common dolphins are swimming into Fishguard Harbour and appearing disorientated.

    This has happened twice in the last month and Cliff is beginning to wonder if it's being caused by recent naval activity in the area.

    HMS Echo and HMS...

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  12. Nature & outdoor news

    Thursday 2 September 2010, 13:54

    Just a quick catch up on a few things that have caught my eye recently...

    • The Tour of Britain cycling race is coming to Swansea! The city is set to host a stage of the elite cycle race and the Kingsway will become centre stage for a sprint finish at the end of the event's third leg on 13 September.

    • Toxic...

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  13. Cast your vote into a river

    Tuesday 31 August 2010, 10:49

    The Our Rivers campaign was launched last year to campaign for clean, healthy rivers across England and Wales and not long after - a Government report found that 74% of rivers were failing to meet European environmental targets.

    The report found that just 5% of rivers in England and Wales were in pristine...

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  14. Crackdown on camelids

    Thursday 26 August 2010, 12:08

    The Welsh Assembly Government have announced proposals to tackle TB found in other wildlife in Wales.

    Rural Affairs Minister Elin Jones has launched a consultation on a draft legislative order to control TB in camelids, goats and deer.

    What's a camelid I hear you cry? Take a look at the wikipedia page...

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  15. The Great Tour

    Tuesday 24 August 2010, 14:24

    I must confess, I knew absolutely nothing about this amazing endurance event that is currently taking place in our great nation until I spotted it on the WAG website. Such is the power of the web.

    The Great Tour began life on 3 July, 2010 and consists of cyclists from the worlds of sport, celebrity, charity...

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  16. Surviving Dragon's Den

    Tuesday 24 August 2010, 11:53

    Last night many of you will have watched in disbelief as Letitia Valentine and Alex Lewis from Swansea got an absolute pasting from those dastardly dragons in BBC One's Dragon's Den.

    You can watch the ill fated pitch for yourselves on the Dragon's Den website.

    It seemed as if nothing they could say...

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  17. Wetlands photo exhibition

    Monday 23 August 2010, 15:00

    A new photographic exhibition is running until the end of October at the Newport Wetlands Centre entitled - Photo Fantastic at the Wetlands Exhibition. The exhibition showcases the last decade in the reserves' history.

    Iolo Williams and friends enjoying the reedbeds. Image courtesy of RSPB:


    The reserve...

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  18. Sealed with a kiss

    Monday 23 August 2010, 10:18

    Diver and regular contributor to our Flickr group - Nick Robertson-Brown has been out diving and taking photographs again off the North Wales coast.

    Nick had a recent encounter with some common seals, including one curious individual who swam so close; he licked the camera housing!

    Seals are curious,...

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  19. Surfing helps with autistim

    Saturday 21 August 2010, 10:17

    Nice story on BBC News Online by Tom Singleton about how surfing lessons are helping local autistic kids on Gower.

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  20. Another step closer

    Thursday 19 August 2010, 10:58

    Environment Minister, Jane Davidson opened another section of the coastal footpath recently, linking Pendine with the Pembrokeshire border.

    The extra four and a half miles of path means it's now possible to walk from Pendine in Carmarthenshire to Borth in Ceredigion.

    Last month the minister opened a new...

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