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Lucy Owen Lucy Owen The X-Ray presenter on the case, getting results for viewers who have struggled with consumer issues. Blog posts in total 23

  1. X-Ray on flaky campervans

    Monday 20 October 2014, 14:07

    I’ve always loved the idea of a campervan, having the freedom to just hop in and go wherever you want at the drop of a hat. But sometimes, the very vans that are supposed to give peace of mind and freedom can become a source of worry, frustration and a financial ball and chain.

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  2. Lucy Owen on the challenges of being a working mum

    Friday 10 October 2014, 11:08

    I remember coming in for a late shift on Wales Today and slumping to my desk, exhausted and frazzled before my working day had even begun.

    It's the school holidays. I'd been trying to have some fun time with Gabriel in the morning before getting to the office.

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  3. Diet pills to builders: X-Ray is back

    Monday 6 October 2014, 10:03

    Lucy Owen gets ready to hit full throttle with the X-Ray team as the programme returns to BBC One Wales, to fight consumer problems on your behalf.

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  4. Behind-the-scenes: Creating stories for X-Ray

    Monday 24 March 2014, 14:40

    Since it’s the last X-Ray until the Autumn, I thought I’d give you a little glimpse behind the scenes into how we filmed some of the stories you’ll see on tonight’s programme.

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  5. To fee or not to fee

    Monday 17 March 2014, 12:41

    Lucy Owen investigates booking fees and why people are being charged, even when they’re paying cash, in person.

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  6. Exploding e-cigarettes

    Monday 10 March 2014, 10:29

    X-Ray investigates the dangers of electrionic cigarettes exploding.

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  7. X-Ray’s flood focus

    Monday 3 March 2014, 12:57

    Most of us have seen the images of Aberystwyth as it was battered by huge waves during the recent storms. But it was still a shock, as I walked along the seafront, to see the huge piles of sand that had been dumped on the walkway by a raging sea.

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  8. Not couponing - extreme couponing!

    Monday 24 February 2014, 13:40

    Now, you know we love saving a bit of cash on X-Ray, and we pride ourselves on knowing how to do it pretty well. In fact, it’s not often we’re surprised by money-saving tips. But the results of extreme couponing - and we are talking extreme here - have been the talk of the office.

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  9. X-Ray tackles cold callers

    Monday 17 February 2014, 10:29

    It's our job on X-Ray to expose people who are only too willing to rip you off. But there was something particularly nasty and upsetting about the way unscrupulous people at corrupt call centres in Swansea targeted elderly and vulnerable people.

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  10. X-Ray checks out supermarket offers

    Friday 7 February 2014, 12:43

    I know the programme is called X-Ray, but I never thought having an MRI scan would be part of the job. To find out how our brains react to supermarket offers, that’s just what I did with the psychology research team at Bangor University.

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  11. X-Ray is back

    Monday 3 February 2014, 14:24

    We can’t wait to get back on-air. The team are all fired up to fight your corner, and we’ve already got some really strong investigations underway, tracking down the people who are ripping you off. Tonight, Rachel Treadaway Williams is getting tough as she tries to get answers from one second-hand...

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  12. Preventing cash machine fraud - it's so simple!

    Monday 9 December 2013, 15:51

    Cash machine fraud cost nearly £30m last year alone. It’s a staggering amount, particularly when Tony Blake from the dedicated cheque and plastic crime unit based in London, explained to me just how easy it is for us to beat the conmen.

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  13. A Christmas date with X-Ray

    Monday 18 November 2013, 16:30

    I don't have a very strong stomach. Even the mere thought of curdled milk can leave me feeling queasy. So during the interview with Alastair Low of Cardiff Scientific Services, I could immediately feel my tummy starting to churn. Insects.

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  14. Boys and their toys

    Monday 11 November 2013, 15:06

    Model railways! Boys – whatever their age – just love their toys!

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  15. X-Ray joins forces with the police to help keep your mobile safe

    Monday 4 November 2013, 15:01

    I'm going to have to hold my hands up straight away on this story and admit – I'm guilty. Guilty of leaving my phone on the table when I'm out. Guilty of texting as I'm walking along the street.

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  16. It's good to talk

    Monday 14 October 2013, 14:23

    I'm sitting at my desk in the X-Ray office, typing away writing this blog on the computer. I'm about to email it to the Interactive and Learning department where it will be uploaded and hopefully, accessed by keen X-Ray viewers!

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  17. Three cheers for X-Ray

    Monday 17 June 2013, 14:40

    I've already tried my hand at juggling for this series of X-Ray. When it was mentioned we'd be filming with cheerleaders, I blanched. Surely not?!

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  18. Voice of the people

    Monday 10 June 2013, 12:13

    I have to say, I love doing vox pops. You can never predict what is going to be said.

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  19. The X-Ray juggling act

    Monday 3 June 2013, 12:03

    I've always found the balance between work and home a bit of a juggle, though I never thought I'd actually be juggling at work.

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  20. Links and locations

    Monday 27 May 2013, 10:01

    Rhodri and I record the introductions to the reports and the responses following them. They're the glue that helps the programme flow from one item to the next.

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