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  1. Amphibian health checks

    Monday 4 August 2008, 16:42

    For me in this wet week, the main event has been the appearance of one of my favourite creatures. Loads of common toads (with the fantastic Latin name of Bufo bufo) had a bit of a party in my garden - munching on the snails, slugs and worms which had also come out into the rain.

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  2. Slow worm rescue

    Tuesday 29 July 2008, 09:52

    Sometimes when you're looking for one type of animal another pops up out of nowhere.


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  3. A new nature blog

    Monday 21 July 2008, 14:50

    Welcome to the first entry in this new Wales nature blog; over the next few weeks this will be the place to come to find news, information and wildlife observations direct from the field. And like all good recipes I'll throw a few thoughts and fun things in for good measure.

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