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  1. Tree pollen and hay fever

    Wednesday 26 May 2010, 17:08

    Has your car been covered in a yellow dust recently?

    It's nothing to do with the volcano on Iceland, which has stopped erupting for the time being.

    It is more likely to be tree pollen.

    I contacted the Woodland Trust today and was told that pollen from wind pollinated trees can travel very long distances...

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  2. Snowballs in Snowdonia!

    Tuesday 25 May 2010, 17:06

    Last weekend was the hottest of the year so far with temperatures soaring to 27 Celsius, 81 Fahrenheit in a few places such as Trawscoed in Ceredigion.

    Mind you, despite the heat there was still a few patches of snow on the mountains in Snowdonia as the members of Prestayn Rambling Club found out. Instead...

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  3. Super spring sizzler

    Thursday 20 May 2010, 18:23

    It's amazing what a change of wind direction can do. The other week the wind was from the north and we were shivering with below average temperatures and some frost. Now the wind has turned into the south bringing much warmer and moister air from the tropics. Over the next few days, temperatures will...

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  4. Beach weather coming

    Tuesday 18 May 2010, 16:57

    The first half of May was pretty chilly with the odd frost but warm air from the tropics is heading our way.

    Tomorrow and Thursday will be mostly cloudy and damp with mist, hill fog and drizzle but it looks like we're in for a taste of summer on Friday and over the weekend!

    High pressure will bring...

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  5. Weekend weather and walking

    Friday 14 May 2010, 15:10

    If you've got any plans for the weekend, Saturday looks the best day for a picnic, trip to the coast or a walk in the hills.

    Any mist first thing on Saturday morning will clear, leaving a dry day with sunny spells. And after a chilly start with a local ground frost it will feel a little warmer than...

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  6. A chill in the air

    Wednesday 12 May 2010, 18:25

    There is a chill in the air again today and it was certainly cold in Mid Wales.

    Last night at Tirabad in Powys, the temperature dropped to -4 Celsius, 25 Fahrenheit - making it the coldest May night there since 1996!

    Gardeners need to be on their guard again tonight because more frost is expected.


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  7. 'Ne'er cast a clout

    Tuesday 11 May 2010, 16:30

    You may have heard the old saying 'Ne'er cast a clout till May be out'. It's been in use since at least the 18th century. A clout is an old word for a piece of clothing.

    Some people think 'May' refers to the month but others take it to mean the May flower or hawthorn. The tree flowers in late April...

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  8. Cold winds for the weekend

    Friday 7 May 2010, 17:59

    The political map maybe changing but so is the weather!

    At this time of year, it should be getting warmer but instead its turning colder...

    A few people have even been in touch to say there's been some snow e.g. in Torfaen.

    I am surprised at this, but certainly wouldn't rule it out completely with...

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  9. Llandegley International Airport

    Thursday 6 May 2010, 17:20

    Fans all over Powys are welcoming the revival of Llandegley International Airport. The famous sign on the A44 near Crossgates disappeared in November last year, just days after a Facebook fanclub had been started in its honour.

    "I could hardly believe it," said Nicholas Whitehead, the man behind the...

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  10. Can weather influence votes?

    Wednesday 5 May 2010, 13:52

    The weather affects everything we do - from what we wear to what we eat and even to how we feel but what can it affect the way we vote in a general election?

    Some people believe that the weather on polling day is very important and can have a major impact on turnout...

    You may think that bad weather...

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  11. Bank holiday wash out?

    Friday 30 April 2010, 16:43

    The bank holiday weekend is upon us and I'm sure you won't be surprised to hear that there is more rain and heavy showers on the way!

    We've enjoyed some very pleasant and warm weather this month but May is going to get off to a cool and unsettled start with low pressure over us and chilly winds from...

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  12. Cold spell for bank holiday

    Thursday 29 April 2010, 11:32

    Most of Wales enjoyed its warmest day of the year so far yesterday thanks to southerly winds from Spain.

    Rhyl in Denbighshire was the hot spot with a high of 21 Celsius, 70 Fahrenheit - On a par with Palermo in Sicily and well above the April average!

    Unfortunately, though, the warm spell is not going...

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  13. Medieval walking festival

    Tuesday 27 April 2010, 10:40

    Staying with walking festivals...

    There's a medieval theme to the Prestatyn and Clwydian Range walking festival happening in May which you might like to take part in, if you live in North East Wales.

    Find out more on BBC News Online.

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  14. Preseli Walking Festival

    Monday 26 April 2010, 14:28

    I hope you had a good weekend. I went to the Gwaun Valley in North Pembrokeshire to launch the 3rd Preseli Walking Festival on Saturday afternoon.

    Around 50 people turned up for a short circular walk led by writer and geologist Dr. Brian John.

    Brian shared his knowledge of the area and explained the...

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  15. London marathon weekend weather

    Friday 23 April 2010, 16:24

    Despite plenty of sunshine this week, it hasn't been all that warm and you may have had the heating on as the nights have been particularly cold with some frost.

    At Capel Curig in Snowdonia the temperature dropped to -5 Celsius, on the morning of 22 April.

    The good news is that I think we've seen the...

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  16. A frosty reception

    Wednesday 21 April 2010, 10:39

    You will often hear me and other weather forecasters referring to 'ground frost' and 'air frost' during our weather bulletins but probably wondering what the difference is?

    At night when the skies are clear, the ground surface cools down rapidly and heat from the sun, escapes quickly into the atmosphere...

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  17. The dry spell continues

    Monday 19 April 2010, 14:58

    I hope you managed to get out and enjoy the sunshine over the weekend. I went for a short walk on Sunday in the Vale of Glamorgan - from Broughton down to the beach, followed by lunch in the Plough and Harrow pub.

    The weather was stunning with hardly a breath of wind. The temperature in the shade was...

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  18. Bloomin' marvellous weather

    Friday 16 April 2010, 16:18

    We've enjoyed some beautiful weather this week and there's more fine weather to come over the weekend too.

    Saturday will be the sunniest day and pleasantly warm. Top temperatures 16 Celsius with light winds. Sea breezes will keep some coasts cooler.

    Sunday will be cloudier with a few showers in the north...

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  19. Volcanic dust over Wales

    Thursday 15 April 2010, 14:40

    As you may already know - ash from an erupting volcano on Iceland is causing major disruption at airports across Britain today.

    You can see an incredible satellite image of the eruption happening here.

    Many flights have been cancelled as the ash cloud - between 20,000 to 35,000 ft high in the atmosphere...

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  20. Quarries and Coves

    Thursday 15 April 2010, 12:31

    Don't forget, Weatherman Walking - Series 3 is currently being repeated on BBC Two Wales at 7.30pm tonight.

    In tonight's episode I visit the Ceredigion coast and keep an out for dolphins and hillforts as I make my way along the coastal footpath between New Quay and Llangrannog.

    Next up, I hit the Trefil...

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