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On today's programme

Victoria Derbyshire | 09:01 UK time, Tuesday, 1 September 2009

We'll have the latest news and sport for you as always, plus we'll investigate a riot involving around 200 people in Belfast last night.

We'll bring you a news conference from Northamptonshire police about the murder of Stacey Lawrence, the nine-year-old girl killed by her mother's boyfriend before he committed suicide.

A report today suggests two-thirds of parents think the economic downturn has helped them to talk to their children about the value of money; so how do you teach yours about money?

And we'll be live in Bristol where the council is asking residents if they want graffiti or murals across the city to be painted over - or if they want to keep them. Photos of the graffiti will be posted on the council's website and the public asked to give their opinions. One art critic said, "For Bristol to be guided by the opinion of people who don't know anything about art is lunacy."


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