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Mumbai attacks survivor wants compensation

Louisa Compton | 17:49 PM, Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Today Victoria spoke to Mumbai terror attacks survivors - Will Pike and his girlfriend Kelly Doyle, and Will's dad Nigel.


Will has been told he'll never walk again because of injuries sustained when he escaped through a hotel bedroom window.
If he had been a victim of a terrorist attack in the UK - he'd be eligible to up to £500,000 compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, but because it all happened abroad in India, he's only eligible for a £15,000 grant from a Red Cross Fund. Later in the show, Tessa Jowell the minister responsible for victims of international terrorism told Victoria that the government were committed to doing something about this - she promised to come back onto the show once they've worked out what kind of compensation can be given to Will and other victims of international terrorism.

You can keep up with Will Pike's progress on his website


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