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Meet Melanie...

Louisa Compton | 13:51 UK time, Friday, 1 May 2009

She's nine years old and homeless. Melanie and her family were evicted from their house in Denby in January. She now lives with her mum, dad and two siblings at a shelter near Mold in North Wales.

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Melanie has written a blog post for us:

"Hi. My name's Melanie, I'm nearly ten years old and I live in Plas Bellin. Well Plas Bellin is all about the homeless really. We became evicted from our home in Denby because the landlord wanted to sell the house. We had nowhere to go and so Social Services brought us here.
I just like it. I've got new friends and the staff are quite nice to you. They can be strict, but they keep you safe.

My best friend Molly lives here. We became best friends as soon as we met. Her mum sometimes takes us to the fair and lets us have MacDonalds. Molly's from Liverpool and she has been teaching me how to speak "scouse", which is quite tricky actually.
And we do something called "sessions" , which I really like. I do singing and dancing, I love ballet and tap and disco. And we do drama and art and I even play football. I'm a bit of a tomboy and a girlie girl as well.
I go to a local school. My friends there think I'm a bit weird. They know I'm homeless and I think they feel sorry for me and they think it's really weird we can't keep pets here. I think it's weird too. And some of the kids don't like me coz I live here.
When I grow up I'd like a nice big house with lots of space and lots of games and where my mum is allowed to have a glass of wine. You can't have a glass of wine if you live here. But, like, on Christmas Eve she'd really like one.
But you can't live here in Plas Bellin all your life, and I dont think that's fair. I am quite scared about that. I don't know where we will go next. We'll get kicked off here soon and I dont know where we'll live. I'm worried me and my brothers will have to be put in care and my mum and dad will live on the streets. They tell me that wont happen, but it still frightens me. I never want to be apart from my mum. I love my mum.
I have two brothers here. One is fifteen. Simon is eight and he's just like me really. He's a nice brother. He doesn't like the singing and dancing sessions though or drama. Thinking about it, he doesn't like any of the sessions, except football. I love him as a brother, but I wouldn't choose him as a friend. He winds me up. But he is very kind inside and he does love me. He'd never, ever, admit it though".


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