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Three football bosses

Louisa Compton | 14:20 UK time, Friday, 20 March 2009


Lots of football on the programme this week. On Wednesday Hull City boss Phil Brown told Victoria he's standing by his claim that Arsenal's Cesc Fabregas spat at his assistant manager Brian Horton. Brown also claimed that Arsene Wenger refused to shake his hand after each of the clubs' three meetings this season. But photographs have since emerged that suggest such a handshake did take place after Hull's win at the Emirates Stadium in September. You can listen to the interview here:

On Friday Sunderland chairman Niall Quinn told us his players will take a 40% wage cut if they're relegated this season. This text from Sally in Liverpool is typical of the sort of response we had to our interview: "I want to praise Niall Quinn for such a good interview. It is a refreshing change to hear someone being so sensible as well as passionate about football. I particularly love his attitude towards sensible financial contracts with the Manager. I'm really enjoying listening".

souness_203x152.jpgAnd then we heard from Graeme Souness. He'd been accused in some of the papers of swearing at his son's under-10s football match. He wanted to come on to put the record straight about what happened but he also managed to have a pop at Victoria. Have a listen to it here:

Loads of you got in contact to back either Graeme or Victoria:

"Souness' comments are spot on"

"At last.someone saying what he thinks. Good on Souness. He was not patronising. Victoria's just a chippy BBC presenter."

"Souness is rude and has a short fuse. Well done victoria! Why do football people always get petulant, patronising and enraged?"

"l winced in agony throughout that interview as Souness remorselessly dug himself deeper into a hole. Victoria was remarkably restrained under the circumstances, but as l'm not bound by professional etiquette, may l say, Souness is a plonker!"

All that, plus the Champions League draw.


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