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  1. Writers and comedians

    Josh Widdicombe and Tom Craine debate TV's best and worst flat-mates

    If you thought the room-mates in BBC Three's Josh were a handful, would you move in with Men Behaving Badly or board with Bottom?

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  2. BBC TV blog

    How we brought River’s imagination to life

    We asked writer Abi Morgan and director Richard Laxton to watch and discuss scenes from BBC One's new crime drama

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  3. DJ and presenter

    Greg James loves radio so much, he made a comedy about it!

    Is the Radio 1 DJ’s new show Dead Air a case of life imitating art? Well, he does love a good radio jingle…

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  4. Writer

    How drama My Jihad got its name

    As Fahmida and Nazir's sweet story returns for three more episodes, writer Shakeel Ahmed explains why no other title would do.

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  5. BBC TV blog

    Women Who Spit: Five spoken word poets speak for themselves

    Five upcoming British artists have contributed exclusive performances to the BBC iPlayer Women Who Spit short film collection. Inspired by the #AskHerMore movement, we tasked them with posing and answering their own questions...

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  6. Writer and executive producer

    Don’t be sad - Poldark will return! Here’s the writer on what you can expect in series two

    From manscaping and scything to hair products... Poldark is talked about everywhere! Writer Debbie Horsfield on series one's success and what lies ahead for Ross and Demelza.

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  7. Showrunner

    Spiral: Showrunner Anne Landois answers your questions

    Showrunner and writer Anne Landois took part in a live Q&A after the final episode of series five.

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  8. Writer and Director

    From her 1970s bedsit to BBC One this Christmas - Victoria Wood reveals the genesis of her musical drama, That Day We Sang.

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