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  1. Presenter

    'What inspired a mania for monument building that lasted for a thousand years.' Archaeologist Neil Oliver on his favourite sacred site in the BBC Two history series.

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  2. Producer/ Director

    Why turn your back on what most people think are the best bits of being young? The producer of BBC Three's documentary on how she persuaded five twentysomethings to reveal why they converted to Islam.

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  3. Writer

    Here's the brief from Aaqil Ahmed, the BBC's Head of Religion and Ethics: a) Tell the story of Christ's Passion, his suffering and crucifixion, in a way that's fresh and universal. And b) Set it in Preston. That's it. Writing drama for TV normally means having a detailed series ...

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  4. Series Editor

    As one of my daughters was married last year, I know what it's like to walk down the aisle, witness the vows and keep smiling for the cameras all day long. Wedding days are always memorable. Royal weddings become moments in history. We will always remember where we were on Friday, 29 April 20...

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  5. Presenter

    I was approached by the BBC's Religion and Ethics department back in 2009. They explained they were looking to work with a specialist on Bible's Buried Secrets, a documentary series about the Bible and archaeology, and that I'd been recommended to them. Now, I know I'm a bit of a geek, but I...

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