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  1. Producer and series director

    Bonding with the villagers through laughter and rituals for Tribes, Predators & Me

    Producer and series director Rachael Kinley on why her seven weeks in the Ecuadorian rainforest created some of her favourite memories

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  2. Producer

    Botox, big bums and beauty: Producing Young, Welsh and Pretty Skint

    The eye-opening experience of meeting the people who spend every last penny on looking good

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  3. Series producer

    How to avoid travel disasters – with Wanted Down Under

    How much can go wrong filming the show? Quite a lot, as it turns out...

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  4. Producer/Director

    Love You To Death: What domestic violence does to a family

    The 86 women killed by their partners in one year in Britain, and the overwhelming, lasting effects their deaths have had on their families.

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  5. Camerawoman and assistant producer

    Socks, chocolate and saddle sores: Filming The Hunt

    How a friendship 'for life' was formed in the wild for this assistant producer and camerawoman

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  6. Producer

    Patagonia: Had the pumas attacked, we would have been done for

    Filming pumas for Patagonia: Earth's Secret Paradise was exhilarating but risky for this producer.

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  7. Assistant producer

    Shark: How swimming with whale sharks still brings me to tears

    Aren't we all a bit scared of sharks?! Even this marine biologist was - it took three years of filming Shark for BBC One to change her mind.

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  8. Producer

    10 awe-inspiring quotes and pictures that will make you fall in love with Alaska

    Spending three months filming Alaska: Earth’s Frozen Kingdom through the summer left a lasting impression on episode two producer Alex Lanchester. He explains the impact the stunning North American state had on him in words and pictures

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  9. Actor

    'I was biting my nails right up until filming started, hoping this time it would work out.' David Morrissey on getting the right acting talent for his three-part BBC One thriller.

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  10. Series Producer

    'He introduced me to one of his best mates as his "second mum."' How filming every seven years for BBC One's documentary series builds long-term relationships with contributors.

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