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  1. Classicist

    Busting myths and unearthing secrets: The real people of Pompeii

    From what they were baking when the volcano erupted to how they spent their free time, Mary Beard discovers how the people of Pompeii really lived.

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  2. Vlogger and presenter

    Jim Chapman’s guide to the vlogging life

    Millions of subscribers watch his every day life. His wife, sisters and brother vlog too. So what has Jim learned from his online experience - and from fellow superstar vloggers?

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  3. BBC TV blog

    Chris Packham: I'd love to hang out with Charles Darwin

    Craftiness, invisibility and fast flying - just some of the skills the World's Sneakiest Animals presenter would like to pinch from the animal world.

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  4. Comedian and presenter

    Katherine Ryan: If I were a hairdresser for the day...

    The Hair host invents a new must-have hairstyle, 'The Hangover', and takes her scissors to Donald Trump's barnet. Welcome to Katherine's salon...

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  5. Researcher, See Hear

    Don’t tell me I can’t do something because I am deaf!

    As a researcher and presenter on See Hear, Erika Jones presents hard-hitting current affairs news and chases interviews with tenacity - why should not hearing change that?

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  6. BBC TV blog

    Prized Apart: Would Emma Willis and Reggie Yates tackle its high-adrenaline challenges?

    Which of the new gameshow hosts said they'd shy away from general knowledge questions in favour of a crazy action-filled challenge?

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  7. DJ and presenter

    Eurovision 2015: Are you excited?! Here’s Scott Mills’ guide

    If anyone knows how to have Eurovision fun, it's BBC Radio 1's Scott Mills! From enjoying hilarious lyrics to knowing when to take a loo break, here's the self-confessed superfan's guide to Eurovision 2015...

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  8. Producer and presenter

    Richard Osman: My love affair with the quiz show

    You might call us geeks, I couldn’t possibly comment – the Pointless co-host on making the game shows we’re so passionate about

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  9. Presenter

    What happened when this claustrophobic presenter went caving for Secret Britain?

    What would you say if - like Countryfile's Ellie Harrison - your bosses sent you down Britain's deepest cave... when they knew you had a phobia of enclosed spaces?

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