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  1. Camerawoman and assistant producer

    Socks, chocolate and saddle sores: Filming The Hunt

    How a friendship 'for life' was formed in the wild for this assistant producer and camerawoman

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  2. Director and producer

    My love of surfing inspired me to film Atlantic: The Wildest Ocean on Earth

    Is it easier to discover the ocean's secrets when you're so at home in the water?

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  3. Presenter

    What happened when this claustrophobic presenter went caving for Secret Britain?

    What would you say if - like Countryfile's Ellie Harrison - your bosses sent you down Britain's deepest cave... when they knew you had a phobia of enclosed spaces?

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  4. Presenter

    Liz Bonnin on Animals In Love: How a pair of greylag geese could rival any great romance

    From meeting orphaned bonobos to encountering an elephant herd that has a close bond with humans, presenter Liz Bonnin describes which moments moved her the most.

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  5. Series Producer

    That 'Pets: Wild At Heart' hamster who filled his cheeks? I fell in love and kept him as my own

    You may have watched the delightful hamster clip: Hear from the series producer who became his owner.

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  6. BBC TV blog

    Meet the animals who stole our hearts in 2014

    Relive some of the most breath-taking, heart-warming and downright brilliant clips of wildlife on the BBC over the last year.

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  7. Editorial Curator

    Snow Animals: Wonderful moments in pictures

    A look back at our favourite snow animal moments of 2014.

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  8. Presenter

    'The privilege of observing their intimate conversations was more profound and moving than I could ever have imagined.' Presenter Lucy Cooke on fulfilling a childhood dream while making BBC One's two-part natural history series.

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  9. Presenter

    Presenter Ben Garrod reveals fascinating and gruesome skeletal adaptations that didn't make it into the BBC Four natural history series.

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  10. Director and Producer

    'The search for small animals leading dramatic lives began in iconic locations.' Producer and director Simon Bell on how the animal stars were cast for BBC One's dramatised natural history series.

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