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  1. Professor of English literature

    A cheat's guide to who's who in Dickensian

    From a gin-swilling nurse to a jilted bride. Consider yourself a Dickens expert with a little help from this character guide.

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  2. Editor, BBC TV blog

    Maybe you're nervous about hosting Christmas dins... or maybe you just like watching some masterful, appetising cooking...

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  3. BBC TV Blog

    Bringing to life a Brussels sprout: Creating BBC One's Christmas veggie

    The directors behind BBC One's 2015 festive animation about a leafy green hero (Sprout boy) explain how their ideas germinated.

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  4. Writer and Director

    From her 1970s bedsit to BBC One this Christmas - Victoria Wood reveals the genesis of her musical drama, That Day We Sang.

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  5. Actor

    The Boy in the Dress: I was a bit nervous about working with Kate Moss

    Kate was nice and very easy to talk to. But it was hard to keep a straight face around Inbetweener James Buckley! Thirteen-year-old actor Billy Kennedy tells us what he learned from his co-stars in The Boy in the Dress: Boxing Day on BBC One.

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  6. Author

    On Angel Wings: Telling the Christmas story in a different way

    "I love the idea that stories listened to 2000 years ago are as compelling now as they were then." Children's author Michael Morpurgo talks about the idea behind his short Christmas story, On Angel Wings, which has been adapted for television.

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  7. BBC iPlayer

    From Miranda's finale to a Rik Mayall tribute, a round up of some comedy shows from 2014's Christmas schedule.

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  8. Actress

    I loved that Mary wasn't written as a perfect, saintly being, which had been my image of her as I grew up. In the script, she was very real, very fallible - a girl with innocence, confusion and doubt, and also great courage and faith. She was complicated.

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  9. Director, BBC Vision

    You will probably already have seen details of some of the great programmes we have coming up this Christmas across all of BBC television. This week we published our final schedules for Christmas and last night we gave a sneak preview of our festive highlights to the press, and I though it would...

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