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  1. Director

    'I wanted to make a film about individual responses to extreme situations' - The director on using previously unseen interviews that never made it to air in the BBC’s landmark 1964 Great War series.

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  2. Director

    How a playful approach 'unshackled the archive from its typical function of illustrating history literally' in the Storyville documentary on BBC Four.

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  3. Teacher

    'I offered to give her a potted - or Ladybird - version of the history.' Ladybird enthusiast Helen Day on working with the television crew on the Timeshift documentary for BBC Four.

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  4. Director

    'Material like this tells a story in a way that words cannot.' Documentary filmmaker Mark Kidel on working with Elvis Costello and his archivist.

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  5. Colourist

    How precious BBC archive footage was painstakingly restored to match the original broadcast quality of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.

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