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    My Hollow Crown character is leading his own revenge film

    Poldark actor Kyle Soller on his love of Shakespeare and working in an English accent

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    Everything I’ve learned about DS Arnott in Line of Duty

    Actor Martin Compston - DS Steve Arnott - on the heart-stopping hit series

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    Stellan Skarsgård on River, love and his hatred of karaoke

    'This profession is constant humiliation!'

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    The 10-step Interceptor guide to being 'badass'

    Father, husband and determined crime-stopper, The Interceptor's lead character, Ash, knows how to play it cool. Actor O-T Fagbenle explains everything you need to be just as awesome...

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    Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell: How to be a master manipulator Childermass-style

    He has no respect for rank and he deserves some fun - stand back and admire how Childermass' power unfolds in BBC One's magical drama.

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  6. TV blog

    Alright, Demelza's mostly had eyes for her dog so far and Elizabeth's told Ross to forget her. But what does lead actor Aidan Turner think about the two ladies in Poldark's life?

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    The Boy in the Dress: I was a bit nervous about working with Kate Moss

    Kate was nice and very easy to talk to. But it was hard to keep a straight face around Inbetweener James Buckley! Thirteen-year-old actor Billy Kennedy tells us what he learned from his co-stars in The Boy in the Dress: Boxing Day on BBC One.

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    'I was biting my nails right up until filming started, hoping this time it would work out.' David Morrissey on getting the right acting talent for his three-part BBC One thriller.

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    'I’ll always be as rude and immature as Mitchell' Playing the class clown for the last time in the third series of Jack Whitehall's classroom comedy.

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