Me And Mrs Jones: Do I go for Tom or Billy?

Thursday 11 October 2012, 18:08

Gemma Jones Gemma Jones Single mother of three

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Tom asked me out at school today, and no, we're not 10 we're 40 (ish) which makes the whole asking me out in the playground awkward. Everyone looking.

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Tom asks Gemma out for a drink/dinner thingy: AWKWARD

Fran said I should be thrilled about a date with the school's do-able Dad. I mean, the last date I went on was... well it was with... it can't be... God, it was with my ex-husband!

Wait, did I even go on a proper date with Jason? Does him not charging me for a coffee class as a date?

It seemed to go from Jason giving me a free coffee to "Do you take this man to be your..." to ex-husband to "No Gemma, I can't have the kids this weekend because my bonkers Swedish girlfriend is waxing my toes"!

Forget Jason, Fran says I must prepare emotionally and physically for my date with Tom. She is a good friend but I don't know what she's talking about... and I can't get my brain off Billy - which I need to because he's my son's friend and half my age with eyes that make me.... stop it Gemma!

Billy (Robert Sheehan) and Gemma Jones (Sarah Alexander)

Billy (Robert Sheehan) - lovely eyes, and Gemma

Fran says if you're interested in more than one man then the way to decide is to have them strip to the waist and wrestle.

I'm not sure Tom and Billy would agree to that, although I'm sure I could sell tickets and make a lot of money out of that as an event.... that's not the point. The point is...

Wait! I know! A MAN LIST, good, yes a list, I'm more of a list woman than a wrestling woman.

I'm not against men wrestling - or women wrestling for that matter but.... enough! Think lists.

Reasons to date Tom
- He has luxurious hair, good yes, strong hair = strong man. Tom has the hair of a matinee idol, and he's admired - by other women - from afar - and up close.
- He's kind to animals and small children... At least I think he is, his daughter's hamster is six which is a record I think! He says he feeds it warm milk and honey when it 'sniffles'. Do hamsters sniffle?

Reasons not to date Tom
- He says 'sniffles'.

Reasons to date Billy
- His voice. Is that a reason to date a man - his voice? Yes, because... I mean... it's certainly a reason not to date a man eg Orville - vocally off-putting -although technically Orville's not a man, he's a bird, but he's voiced by a man and....
- Eyes! Billy has nice eyes, two of them. Lovely eyes in fact - for a fact in fact.

Reasons not to date Billy
- He's young, not really young but youngER - than me.
- He's also Alfie's friend. Which means the list leads me back to Tom.

This list thing isn't working.

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    Comment number 1.

    I don't watch 'Friday night' sitcoms generally and now I know why. Is it just me or are these story-lines intentionally shallow and pointless? I'm worried - maybe that's what BBC thinks is entertainment. And what's with the youth always teaching the clueless parents a lesson, on love and relationships of all things. Oh and falling for their children's friends, seriously. Please could we all grow up (I'm talking to you producers) stop reading your kindle copies of 50 shades of grey and find some content for us to aspire to before the weekend?

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    Comment number 2.

    I think this episode was so great and am gripped on the Gemma-Billy story line! What is so wrong with having a brainless comedy on a Friday night after a week at work? All the characters are brilliant and loving the writers work! (Wish they were writing a new series of Green Wing though too...)

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    Comment number 3.

    1 Word .... PAP!!

    I like light harted sitcoms - You should get Ruth Jones with the next series of Stella

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    Comment number 4.

    its good

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    Comment number 5.

    Why does it have to be one or the other - is mutual exclusivity the preferred road for this hard-working, intelligent, stressed woman? What's the problem with being involved with both to round out her life? The show could tackle new ground by smartly enabling her to have strong, positive relationships with all three men who provide her with (perhaps) confidence, growth, and fulfillment (Jason, Billy, and Tom). IMHO, Tom is the least interesting - "You have really nice teeth.." (Really?)


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