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Tuesday 30 July 2013, 09:58

Matthew Crosby Matthew Crosby

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If anyone has seen Badults on BBC Three so far and thought, "I've seen that speccy one before", you may have seen me playing a talking dog on a BBC One show called Animal Antics.

AA (as it was almost never called, because it sounds like we help people whose cars have broken down) was a spoof news show hosted by former Goodie, Tim Brooke-Taylor.

It was a dream come true working with a comedy legend like TBT. My one regret is that I was never recognised in public - despite the fact that I would frequently leave the house dressed as a spaniel.

It's been even more of a dream working with Tom Parry and Ben Clark on Badults. Tom, Matthew and Ben in Badults Life's a game for the Badults - AKA Tom Parry, Matthew Crosby and Ben Clark. We've been performing live sketch comedy together as Pappy's for nearly a decade, so it was great to be able to create something that was distinct from our live shows, but that still had the same big, silly, knockabout energy.

We also wanted to fill the world with weird characters - as we'd do in a live show. But, because it's a sitcom and we couldn't play them ourselves, we roped in our pals Max Olesker and Ivan Gonzalez to take on those roles.

Max made a very impressive Charles Darwin in the first episode and later in the series you’ll see them as matchsticks and a carrot. An impressive addition to any actor's CV.

Talking carrots... Charles Darwin trying to get himself trending on Twitter... That's the joy of having your own TV show: you can do whatever you like.

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Ben, Tom and Matthew mistakenly hit the jackpot in episode one.
It's always been my dream to sing a song in Les Miserables. Sadly I lost out on the role of Javert in the movie version to Russell Crowe (despite the fact that I am clearly better-looking and my tones are far more dulcet) so we decided to write a Les Mis number into Badults.

Basically, I'm treating it like an audition for the West End. Cameron Mackintosh: you know where to find me.

I like the title, Badults. Firstly, because it's a brand new word that we've invented. Secondly, I think that it's a concept that will ring true with people.

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The boys reveal more than they probably should in this web exclusive.
It's hard growing up and putting aside childish things, because they're the most fun. If someone said "would you like to fill out an online tax return or build a blanket fort?" Well, it's not much of a decision. Grab that duvet and let's get on with it.

Ironically, making this show has been a lot of really hard work, so in making Badults we've had to be more grown up than ever.

Of course, now it's done we have the satisfaction of every Tuesday watching the fruits of our labour. From inside our expertly-made blanket forts.

Matthew Crosby co-wrote and co-starred in Badults. He is also a comedian and performs live sketch comedy with Tom Parry and Ben Clark as Pappy's.

Badults continues on Tuesdays on BBC Three at 10pm. For further programme times, please see the episode guide.

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    Comment number 1.

    I quite liked it. Will Fanshaw Standon make an appearance in the show? #flatslam #benders

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    Comment number 2.

    Working too hard to be funny and not succeeding. I gave up half way through the first episode.

    Canned laughter is atrocious.

    Who is this aimed at?

    Only good line was the one about the leaning tower of pizza but that is simply not enough to carry this poor excuse of a comedy. Think Goodies and ITV 70's sitcom combo and would not be too far away from what has been delivered.

    BBC Three has some good original comedy. This is neither good nor original and it most certainly is not comedy.

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    Comment number 3.

    absolutely awful, might as well repeat the young ones than spending money that they is in short supply, in fact I would go as far as to say that a teenager would find it unfunny!

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    Comment number 4.


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    Comment number 5.

    omg this is terrible. what a waste of time and money. i saw pappys fun club and they were awful too. they made the audience hate them so much that they were booed off stage and then this one matthew crosby (dont call him matt he gets so cross) came on in a hat and was re-booed off stage. not funny at all. i hope they do not get a second series. what would the bbc be thinking!!! i suppose they need to fill the schedule on bbc3 but this would be like throwing trash at the tv. please just show the emergency dads army episode instead of this rubbish


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