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If you're interested in a sneak preview of what will be hitting your screens on BBC Two later this year and in early 2011, here's a quick peek at some of our highlights.

Watching it now, I don't think there's any other channel that would offer such a diverse picture of what intelligent TV looks like, or attempt to provide such a steady and consistent supply of the unexpected, the thoughtful and the entertaining.

There's a bit of everything in there - from Matt 'The Doctor' Smith in a very different role as Christopher Isherwood in 1930s Berlin for Christopher And His Kind, to Sue Perkins causing mischief with an well-aimed udder in Giles And Sue Live The Good Life.

There are moments that made my eyes fill with tears of laughter, like Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan arguing over who does the best Michael Caine impression in The Trip, and moments that made them fill with tears of sadness, like witnessing the raw emotion of Neil Morrissey - Care Home Kid.

After the success of the recent year of science, I'm really looking forward to a focus on history, which is something of a passion for me.

We have a host of new programmes and some very exciting presenters including Behind Closed Doors with Amanda Vickery and Pompeii with Mary Beard (more on those with this blog post), plus the return of Brian Cox - the man who made the solar system sexy - with a new series called Wonders Of The Universe.

I really hope you enjoy it.

Janice Hadlow is controller of BBC Two.

For a full list of programmes on BBC Two in autumn 2010 and winter 2011 please visit the BBC Press Office.

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